Rod Sachs

Rod Sachs

Rod Sachs is a husband/father-of-three/student, born of European ancestors, and as such is a U.S. citizen, not an “American.” He is currently a graduate teaching assistant and student of ethics & pedagogy, medieval literature, postcolonial theory, consciousness studies, and decolonial options at the University of Texas Arlington; he lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Love is what motivated Rod to return to school. Rod earned his dual B.A. in English and History, with a Certificate in Creative Writing, from the University of Texas at San Antonio; he earned his Master’s in English Literature from the University of Texas Arlington, where his plan is to keep loving people in UTA’s PhD program. In collaboration with Decolonial Summer School Middelburg he plans to continue innovating an online accessible video archive of the summer course seminars and performances. In February 2016, Rod produced the Decolonial Symposium: Immigrant Consciousness and will be presenting on decolonizing the classroom with intercultural decolonial education. +


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