Patrice Naiambana


Patrice Naiambana is an African performing artist/conceptualist from Sierra Leone, currently based in the UK. He founded Tribal Soul in 1991 as a means to make visible stories from African Diaspora experiences, in response to simplistic representations of Africans in the West. Naiambana’s Edinburgh Fringe First Award-winning solo show The Man Who Committed Thought has been touring internationally. His conceptualizations and solo work are employed as catalysts for training strategies for aspiring artists, non-artists and students. For this work he has developed a technique called Hothousing and Modes of Culturepreneurship. He has conceptualised and directed The Gospel of Othello, The Accused, The Sacrifice, The Cripple and The Free, Zwarte Piet Speaks! Grave Diggers and Perception Gap. He has developed ‘Shakespeare as a Lingua Franca for Intercultural Dialogue and Learning’ in diverse environments for all ages and backgrounds.


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