Krudxs Cubensi

Krudas Cubensi pic by Vitico

Krudxs Cubensi: Internationally recognized, Odaymara Cuesta and Olivia Prendes are independent artivists born and raised in Cuba and based in Austin, Texas, since 2006. Representing feminist inmigrant queer People of Color as a central part of world change, for more than 16 years they have recorded their music, as well as giving shows, talks, workshops, educating and touring in Cuba, US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central and South America. They bring amazing  Afro Caribbean lyrics, rebel voices and conscious empowering messages on top of Cubensi Hip Hop/ Theatre, Dance Hall, Cumbia, Old School, Mixtapes and new strongly beautiful beats from all around the World. (pic by Vitico) +


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