Julia Roth

Julia Roth

Julia Roth currently works at the research Project “The Americas as Space of Entanglements” at the Center for Inter-American Studies, Bielefeld University. Her research interest focuses on critical postcolonial and decolonial thought, whiteness perspectives, and intersectional gender approaches. Among her recent publications is “Occidental Readings, Decolonial Practices. A Selection on Gender, Genre, and Coloniality in the Americas” “Unequal and Gendered. Notes on the Coloniality of Citizenship” (with Manuela Boatcă). Alongside her academic work, Julia organizes and curates cultural-political events, e.g. “Black Diaspora + Berlin. Decolonial Narratives” (with Alanna Lockward), “Multiple Europes and/in Berlin. Inclusions, Exclusions, Identities and Inequalities” (with Manuela Boatcă), “Rethinking Humboldt. The Humboldt Forum as Agora”.

Foto: Mariama Lucks


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